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A natural beauty of this terrain, many crystal clear lakes, beautiful forests, fresh air, large areas of sander sand and most important of all, a unique atmosphere that makes the Kościerski district an ideal place for recreation and entertainment. Here you can find ideal conditions for backpacking and bicycle tourism, sailing, water motorsports and canoeing. The Kościerski region is a paradise for fishing and hunting. An indubitable attraction for nature lovers are scenic parks: Wdzydzki Park Krajobrazowy and Kaszubski Park Krajobrazowy, combined with hiking trails: foot (Kaszubski, Wdzydzki, Kamiennych Kręgów) and water (Wda, Wierzyca, Trzebiochy). The chain lakes with its biggest lake in Kaszuby – Wdzydzkie lake called the “Kaszubskie See” will delight everyone with its unique charm. The natural characteristic is completed by many architectural monuments and tourist attractions that are certainly worth seeing.

As far as nature and landscape is concerned, the Kościerski district belongs to one of the most attractive places in Poland. Nature preserves only occupy an area of 46,1 ha and nature-landscape compounds 77 ha. An important thing for tourists are natural monuments, throughout the region there are 65 of them. A special remark should go to the Wdzydzki scenic park which is located on the whole area of the region and has an area of 17857 ha. We have to note that a very important element of the landscape are the lakes, in the Kościerski district there are about 240 of them. Most of them are lakes of first class of cleanness.

Tourist attractions:
- Museum – T.&J. Gulgowski Kaszubski Etnogaphic Park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie
- National Anthem Museum in Będomin
- Wielewska Calvary
- Railroad heritage park
- Kościerskie Sanctuaries
- African Ostrich Farm
- Zaborska Land Museum
- Premise Museum
- Exposition of crockery in Crockery Establishment "Lubiana" in Łubiana
- St. Andrew’s parish church
- Teutonic castle
- Watermill on the river Wda
- Museum exposition – "Kościerzyna and the Kościerski District"
- Polish Red Cross exhibition – Kościerski community center
- Marketplace in Kościerzyna
- Town hall